Shining 3D EP-M150 Metal 3D Printer

Sale price$127,750.00



Shining 3D built and designed the EP-M150 with the intention of creating a convenient and efficient metal 3D printer that is easy to maintain. The new system is said to be capable of producing 500 dental crowns using 1 kg of powder, while simultaneously using low levels of gas at 1L/minute. Shining 3D was able to minimize gas consumption by optimizing the structure of the EP-M150’s chamber and equipping it with high-quality sealing properties. The EP-M150 also comes equipped with Shining 3D’s new proprietary print operating software to make using the 3D printer easier, from the initial loading of materials to 3D printing the part. 


  • The EP-M150 uses a fiber laser to directly melt elemental or alloy metal powders to form complex structures and parts.
  • Small laser facula and thin layer thickness guarantee more precise printing quality.
  • Unique scanning path and oxygen control assure high-quality printing.
  • Improved powder feeding and sieving system enable high material utilization.
  • Optimized chamber structure and excellent sealing properties minimize gas consumption.

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