Shining 3D EP-A800 SLA 3D Printer

Sale price$146,500.00



EP-A800 with its enormous build volume takes SLA to Larger Size Print at a time and Low batch production to the next level in a consistent and reliable environment. The newly developed 3d printer is of high efficiency, high precision, large size, and free maintenance.


  • Build volume is increased by 85% to 800mm*800mm*450mm.

  • Based on the dynamic optimization of the printing path algorithm and the patented VarioBeam technology, the printing efficiency is doubled.

  • Optimized software automatically identifies the model features and surface quality.

  • One-click to calibrate the Laser Power. The power will be detected and adjusted automatically before printing.

  • The design of the machine hardware framework is optimized and more stable.

  • EP-A800 from Shining 3D is a 3D Printer with Input Voltage 200-240 VAC (50/60 Hz, single-phase). 

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